Updated to goHugo

Thu, Nov12, 2015

I dont update this blog as much as i would like, and it was using wordpress with mysql, which seems to be a waste of resources, so i will give a go to gohugo.io which was recommended to me by Frank from EmberIgniter.

GoHugo is website platform that works by generating the html files and then you can publish them. There is not admin section like in wordpress, that means you can/have to do everything from the CLI, generate the content and upload it to your server.

So how it’s my setup

  1. Hugo and markdown files hosted with BitBucket
  2. A copy on my personal laptop where i update and do push either to bitbucket or my server
  3. Server running nginx, considered G-Wan but it didn’t run and then i read alot of reviews saying that it was insecure.