TGL: People taking care of unprotected animals

Sun, Feb2, 2014

Today in the morning i went for a walk and on the way i found a little dog with a bone or something barking at a door, i didn’t put to much attention to it. Then on my way back, i found the same dog but this time there was an old guy trying to catch it, then i noticed a bigger dog too, little dog mom i thought and i finally realized that the little dog was trying to get in, its an old abandoned house but have some steps which the little dog cant pass, so this old fella is trying to trap the dog to release it over the door. But he fails i try to help but the little dog runs under the car, i talk to this person and he tells me he feeds the dog’s, which is really the good thing of this day, just knowing there is someone who is willing to help that dog family to survive :).

Also my brother helped me with my car fixing :).