How to make Tiled maps load on libgdx.

Mon, Jan28, 2013

1.- Download libgdx libs, and put them in for example c:gdxnew 2.- Create your map with tiled and put in a directory example c:mymap 3.- Create an output directory example: c:libgdxmap 4.- open cmd(command line) and execute  

java -cp C:gdxnewgdx.jar;C:gdxnewextensionsgdx-toolsgdx-tools.jar;C:gdxnewextensionsgdx-tiled-preprocessorgdx-tiled-preprocessor.jar com.badlogic.gdx.tiledmappacker.TiledMapPacker c:mymap c:libgdxmapNow you can use the files on c:libgdxmap on your libgdx project :)   I was using just the texture packer to generate the the atlas for the map, but you actually need to use the TiledMapPacker to make it work, or it will not render/draw your tiled map on libgdx.