My next game-habit project

Tue, Jul2, 2013

Im lately working on a web-game base which is inspired by habitrpg, so far is looking very good, i started liking it a lot, and im using it everyday, i do still don’t have a name on it, im also very much interested in making a version for android, and maybe make some money of it, even if not it would be great to manage my own life, where it major pitfall is the bad habit i have gained thru the years.


I know how to make habits, but i’m always tend to forget about them, i can one day make a plan and the next day i have forgotten about it, try to make a good habit about eating clean, ill do it 3 days, the fourth day i go out of my way and end up failing. After that i just forget instead of going back to the good road.


This Webgame, it help you retain your habit by giving you good rewards that you, your own person add, lets say you want to make a good habit, always select something simple but it is worth in the long run, example, Drink one glass of Water set it to give you one point, now on rewards add a new one called, a Snicker bar or whatever, and give it 30 points, or whatever your consider fair. Fair is the key word if is too easy or too hard you will fail miserably.

Here is a screenshot of the project, i’m very focused on effects and graphics because i like something that looks good.