Obregon #643
Centro, Guasave, Sinaloa.

Diego Rubio Ramírez

(331) 863-7048

Professional Experience

Software Engineer


May 2016 - Now
Ionic Android/iOS app
  • Developed plugin for VOIP calls using a native library.
  • Prepared application to be more dev friendly.
  • Documented iOS app signing process under Linux.
  • Tested and debugged Push Notification service with AWS.
  • Added Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics to the hybrid app.
  • Setup FreeSwitch server in a Docker container.
  • Optimized Docker image size.
  • Fixed test-suite Cucumber Tests / CircleCI.
  • Debugged and fixed issue with a ruby process being killed by Linux.
  • Added code improvements like the use of partials.
  • Integrated Stripe Payments.
  • Optimized it to load under three seconds.
  • Managed AWS instances, deployed changes with Chef.
  • Managed the backlog and organized the team.
  • Built a wrapper for GlassFrog API using Ruby metaprogramming.
  • Developed D3.js visualization with data from GlassFrog API.
  • Frontend development using Bootstrap.
  • Managed and configured apps on Heroku.
  • Guided a non-technical person on how to use Git, Heroku and c9.io.
  • Developed an upload module for an Angular 4 Application.
  • Developed a placeholder upload server using multer.js.
  • Mentored a junior developer.
  • Coordinated Angular 4 Learning Journeys.
  • Coordinated Chef Learning Journeys.
  • Completed course Introduction to Data Science with Python.
  • Reviewed code from coworkers and had my code reviewed.

Ruby on Rails Developer


July 2015 - June 2016
  • Developed REST API for Mobile Application using Grape Ruby Gem.
  • Automated deployment.
  • Developed Multi Dimensional charts for data visualization.
  • Improved searches and menu usability.
  • Fixed a Rails 4 application and an Android mobile application.
  • Reverse engineered an algorithm to decode ID of RFID cards.

Software Engineer


July 2014 - May 2015
S.I.A. Sistema Integral de Asistencias
  • Designed and implemented a Java application used for the assistance of teachers.

Software Engineer/Sysadmin

X Servers

2006 - 2014
Linux Server Administrator
  • Managed and setup server, firewall setup with APF.
  • Managed and debugged logs for web and mail servers.
Server Admin Linux - Gaming
  • Provided the best gaming experience by monitoring and fixing issues related to latency.


Mechatronics Engineering

Universidad de Guadalajara

July 2011 - 2015
  • BSc. Mechatronics Engineering Degree. Score: 98.84 / 100.
Final Project - Solar Tree
  • Organized the workgroup, did research, programming and electronic/electric design.

Technical Experience

  • A system to build habits. Python Django MVC, Jquery, HTML, CSS.
  • 2D Platformer for Android Teeport 2D game written in Java for Android.
  • Inventory system for a Store. PHP, Mysql.
  • Lead an open source Video Game mod development and community. C, MySQL, PHP.
Programming Languages and Technologies
  • Programming Languages: Ruby; Java; Javascript; Python; PHP; C; HTML; CSS.
  • Frameworks: Ruby on Rails; Ionic/Cordova; Angular 4; Bootstrap; Django.
  • Tools: Docker; Chef; Linux; Mac OS X; Windows; Android Studio.
  • Power user of vim, tmux, Linux, ssh, git.