Gohugo.io favorite themes

I been testing gohugo.io themes and i have found the following ones work fine. The others sent warnings or just didn’t display as they should. vienna simple-a shiori redlounge purehugo material-design liquorice landing-page-hugo journal hyde hugo-uno hugo-h5bp herring-cove

Updated to goHugo

I dont update this blog as much as i would like, and it was using wordpress with mysql, which seems to be a waste of resources, so i will give a go to gohugo.io which was recommended to me by Frank from EmberIgniter. GoHugo is website platform that works by generating the html files and then you can publish them. There is not admin section like in wordpress, that means you can/have to do everything from the CLI, generate the content and upload it to your server.


Intrinsic Motivators Autonomy Mastering Playful Curiosity Extrinsic Motivators = Kills creativity = Good for mechanical tasks tho :) Rewards Money Grades Punishment Competition Students who are intrinsically motivated are more likely to engage in the task willingly as well as work to improve their skills, which will increase their capabilities.[]

Changing the oil for the car

Today i will change the oil of my jeep Tj, i have been calling different “refaccionarias” here in Autlan, and found the cheaper be El Farolito for Mobil one oil, so i will be going there and buying there my stuff :).

TGL: People taking care of unprotected animals

Today in the morning i went for a walk and on the way i found a little dog with a bone or something barking at a door, i didn’t put to much attention to it. Then on my way back, i found the same dog but this time there was an old guy trying to catch it, then i noticed a bigger dog too, little dog mom i thought and i finally realized that the little dog was trying to get in, its an old abandoned house but have some steps which the little dog cant pass, so this old fella is trying to trap the dog to release it over the door.

Que es el numero i (imaginario)

Es un numero inventado para resolver un problema… el problema matemtico que hizo que se creara dicho numero fue que cual era el cuadrado de un numero que da como resultado un numero negativo, y la respuesta fue el numero imaginario. o lo que es lo mismo sacar la raz cuadrada de un numero negativo. por ejemplo x^2 = -4 si se trata de resolver dicho problema sin usar el numero i simplemente no se encontrara respuesta.

Facebook spying on people shows in maps?

So i was checking my Facebook map, that shows where i have been… and guess what it shows a location where i never been… Now you may think that maybe my password have been hacked or something… but its very unlikely. Well here is the map, it shows an access from Chicago… and well i have never been out from mexico. So its a red flag right there. And now with all the NSA scandal… What do you think?

My next game-habit project

Im lately working on a web-game base which is inspired by habitrpg, so far is looking very good, i started liking it a lot, and im using it everyday, i do still don’t have a name on it, im also very much interested in making a version for android, and maybe make some money of it, even if not it would be great to manage my own life, where it major pitfall is the bad habit i have gained thru the years.

Convertir between screen to world and coordinates libgdx

Vector3 mouseCoordinates = new Vector3(screenX,screenY,0); Teeport.camera.unproject(mouseCoordinates); Vector2 playerPosition = Teeport.player.body.getPosition(); Utils.vectorInWorldCoordinates(playerPosition);Just in case i need it again later.   Mouse(camera) to world coordinates 1. Unproject mouse coordinates 2. Convert your object position from box2d to world coordinates and thats it :)

My BattleStation!

Just coding some Teeport!